Lawrence Thompson

Lawrence Thompson

Company: Pfizer

Job title: Associate Research Fellow


Mastermind Discussion: Addressing Burning Questions, Concerns, & Providing Clarity with Current Regulatory Guidelines for the Production of DNA as a Starting or Therapeutic Material 9:30 am

This unique session provides attendees with the chance to come together and discuss their greatest challenges and questions, and gain regulatory guidance on DNA production, both plasmid and cell-free. It is also your opportunity to ask questions and provide feedback on the regulatory guidelines discussed today.Read more

day: Conference Day Two

The Genesis of Genetic Medicine: How We Got Here 9:00 am

Outlining how recombinant DNA technology is the forerunner to the age of biotherapeutic manufacturing What’s in a name? Precursor, raw, auxiliary, starting material, or drug substance – classifying your DNA and its associated regulatory guidelines Plasmid DNA or synthetic DNA – which route should you take and why?Read more

day: Conference Day One

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